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My GB synchro journey!


We’ve recently had our first training session back after our competition in Istanbul two weeks ago. It was our first international competition as a new team and it was very successful! It was a qualification event towards the 1st European Games in Baku this June. In order to qualify we had to place in the top 6th overall, with all events counting towards the final placing.

The first two days we were out in Istanbul were for training, so we could get used to the pool and surroundings as it was bigger than the pool we train in so we were practicing traveling all around the pool, as well as each country having a certain amount of music time to practice their routine.

The competition began on Thursday, with the solo event, which was swum by Gen Randall and placed 7th.

Friday afternoon was my first swim of the competition, the free combination team event, swimming alongside Hannah Randall, Esme Lower, Emma Critchley, Jorja Brown, Lara Hockin, Phoebe Bradley-Smith, Genevieve Randall, Danielle Cooper and Rebecca Richardson – it was great to swim our first routine with all ten of us together. The routine was themed around dolls and the crowd seemed to really enjoy it! It’s a really enjoyable routine to swim because it’s artistic – there are lots of changes in tempo and different facial expression. It’s important to really exaggerate presentation in synchro so that the judges, and the whole audience can see it! We came 4th in the combo, with a score of 74.1667, just behind the host nation with Belarus and France filling the top two spots.
This was us during the combo event:


Saturday morning was the figure competition. We had to compete the two compulsory figures – porpoise and rocket split, as well as group 2 – manta ray and butterfly. The figure scores were to be combined with the result from the solo, free team and free duet to give them an overall score. Well done to Jorja who finished as our top swimmer in 7th place :) That afternoon we did some training in preparation for the free duet and free team the next day, as well as some video review from practice on previous days.

The last day of the competition began with the free duet event, swum by myself and Gen, with Emma as reserve. We were really pleased with our swim and now know what we need to improve to push our score up. We finished in 6th place with a routine score of 75.8667.
Here’s me and Gen when we’d finished –


The competition ended with the free team event and the whole team was really driven as we were fighting for a bronze medal. The routine was strong and we knew we had to go out and attack it, swimming with high intensity and accuracy. We finished the event in third place meaning we were going to receive a bronze medal! It was an amazing end to a great competition, and standing up on the podium to receive our bronze medal was a great feeling!


The competiton was not only succesful because we qualified for the European Games, but also because as a team we were very supportive of each other, everybody each gave their best effort and I felt priveledged to be captain of such a great team.


Looking forward the duet squad is training toward the Olympic qualification event next year. Our next competition is the Japan Open coming up in May and then we will be training with the squad towards selection for the Baku European Games.


We recently arrived back home after a week in Berlin, Germany for the European Championships. Overall we were thrilled with the results from the competition, with all of the routines showing a great improvement from training. It was our first major competition as a new squad, and though there were a lot of challenges to face, we maintained our focused and had a really good competition!

The week began with two days of training to get used to the pool space and the surroundings. The pool width was bigger than our pool at the Garrison, so we had to practice travelling further across the pool. We also had limited music time so the sessions were short but quite intense. It was a different type of training to what we were used to however the team all adapted well so we still made a lot of improvements.

The first day of the competition was all about the technical routines starting with Gen’s tech solo, followed by our tech duet and then finishing with the tech team. It also happened to be my 17th birthday which was weird because I’d never had a birthday away before! We were pleased with our tech duet swim – it was hard but also felt like our best swim. We were a bit disappointed with our scores, however we now know that our main area for improvement is the execution of the elements. The tech team was really enjoyable to swim, which was shown by our energy and presentation during the performance, and it was a really good start to the team competition!

blog 3

The following days all only had two events. Thursday was free duet in the morning and free team in the evening. Once again we felt like the free duet was our best swim, with our lifts working well and our intensity a little bit higher than usual. It was after this that we found our two duet scores combined would not gain us a place in the final on Saturday. This was extremely disappointing however we moved up from 14th in tech duet to 13th in free duet, showing us where we need to make changes and improvements

blog 5.

That evening was the free team competition, and it was probably one of the hardest swims we’d done. Our coaches said it looked like we pushed through and kept the energy at the end which was really pleasing to hear! Now our focus was to make corrections to lift the score up in the final!

blog 22

Friday was the last day of the prelims, consisting of the free solo and combo. Gen moved up the ranks in her solo which she was really happy with and knows for the future to focus a bit more on the tech solo. The combo in the evening was a great swim, it’s always really fun to perform and put in lots of energy and presentation. Both lifts worked well which was one of our key focuses for the swim.

blog 4

After the prelims were finished we had a couple fo overall focuses going into the finals – smaller patterns and better posture. We now only had one event per day so it was all about putting everything we had into the swim.

Both of our final swims improved from prelims which was a brilliant achievement for the team! Our biggest improvement was combo which was exactly two points higher in the final! The feedback from coaches, judges and the audience was great and we finished the week on a really good note :)

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2 weeks to Europeans!!!

Time has flown by since our swim in the French Open at the Make-up Forever competition near Paris, where both team and duet got through to the finals. We were pleased for the opportunity, it was our first international competition as a new squad after Worlds last year, and we were happy with the outcome.

Unfortunately soon after this competition a valuable team member retired and we had to compete at British Champs with seven in the team instead of eight. The swim was very well received and the adjusted team performed very well together. It was a very special moment as it was our last competition with our coaches Biz, Lolli and Laura, due to the funding cuts.

After Champs was a very intense study period for me – I took my business studies A level which I did in one year but do not find out my results until mid August. (Fingers crossed!) Farnborough Tech and my tutor Keith Cable were extremely helpful keeping me up to date with work considering the amount of time I had spent away training.

Loss of funding also meant I had to leave my host family, who I had been staying with since October. It was hard because I developed a nice relationship with Jo, Andy and their two boys, I’m sure I will keep in touch with them. Since then I was offered a place to stay with one of my friends and Rushmoor synchro team mate Emma, and from now until Europeans will be staying with another GB synchro team member and good friend Imogen.

After British Champs, I was selected to swim the duet. There are three of us for training purposes and two will be chosen to swim at the competition. Training has been really intense, especially since the last two weeks have been full-time. This has been a great opportunity to get to know the part time athletes better, and work with our new coaches who are both Olympians!  For the past two weeks, having a full time squad has enabled to work on our lifts more and they have really improved. Here’s a picture of our first lift in the free team!


Our next competition is Europeans in Berlin, which is now only two weeks away! In preparation for it we have been doing simulations of each of the events, which basically means we do exactly what we would do on the day, from breakfast, to warming up, all the way to the actual swim and review afterwards. The idea is to be put in a pressured environment, much like the competition, to learn how to handle it so that we know how to cope when we get there.

So far we have done four simulations, starting with solo tech and tech team, and then free duet and free team a few days later. We practiced everything, including gelling our hair and doing our make up, as well as wearing the competition swimsuits.
This was me with my team mate Imogen before the tech team swim!


After the competition we have a few weeks off and because I will soon turn 17 (whilst we are in Berlin!) I’ll be learning to drive and I’m very excited! I also hope to be going on holiday with my mum – although we’re not sure where yet, and then it will be back to training for the next selection.

A couple of weeks ago I was also asked to perform with Aquabatix at an event in London, where Bombay Bicycle Club were playing live. We were performing a similar routine to the one in the music video to the song ‘Luna’. It was a very exciting day, and it was really strange to perform to live music but it was also really fun! We also got to meet the band which was really cool and they jumped in with us at the end of the performance. We were lucky enough to get some good pictures of the routine :)


I’m sure the next two weeks are going to pass by very quickly and then we’ll be on the plane. We’re all really looking forward to Europeans – all the routines are really improving and we can’t wait to go and see how we do.

News that rocked our Olympic plans

Recently the GB synchro team has had their funding cut by UK sport. The decision came as a big shock to all of us, including the support staff. We were expecting a small cut, because last summer seven of the team’s athletes retired, however as a new team we are showing great improvement and potential, and it is disappointing that we may not be able to show that to the world.

I have been with the GB synchro team for just over a year now, training up to 45 hours a week, in order to achieve my dream of reaching the Olympics, along with my team mates. I have sacrificed a lot for the sport, I relocated in order to be near our training base, as well as putting school work on hold, and spending less time with my family. A lack of funding in the future would mean I would have to give up the sport I had dedicated eight years of my life to. We won’t be able to inspire younger athletes to pursue their dream of the Olympics, or continue to attract interest as we did after the London 2012.

Synchro has been funded by UK sport since 2007, and had consistently met all of their targets agreed by UK sport. The team placed sixth in the London 2012 Olympics, and the duet 9th, delivering their best results so far. Synchro has also finaled at the past three World Championships. It was an honour to be in the team that was in the finals last year in Barcelona, and I will try my hardest to make sure I am able to experience that again, as it has been and still is my ultimate ambition to compete at the Olympics. It’s difficult to know what else the sport could have done, after 2012 the demand for places in synchro clubs showed a massive increase and we have clearly met our performance goals.

The next step for the sport is to appeal against UK sport’s decision. Whilst our national performance director and support staff go through the formal process of the appeal, as athletes we will continue to strive for excellence in each and every one of our training sessions. Everyday we will go to the pool in the hope that we will get our funding back, and train with the belief and confidence that this will happen.  We are all staying positive going forward, and will train hard to get the best results we can at the French Open in March.

Nationals and Swimtastic Awards!

On November 16th we travelled up to Birmingham for the Swimtastic awards – an evening to celebrate young people and families involved in aquatics. The day began with an autograph signing session where we got to meet all of the young stars. It was incredible finding out some of the things that they had accomplished at such a young age.

Then in the afternoon there was a ‘swim with the stars’ session in the pool. We were put in groups and took part in a lot if activities – there were raft races, water polo matches and synchro routines. I have to admit that the orange team (our team!!) did do very well!

After that we went back to hotel to get ready for the evening awards. It was lovely to get dressed up as I’m so used to seeing everyone in a swimming costume and swim camp! When we arrived the venue looked wonderful and the evening meal was brilliant :)

My favourite part of the day was the awards because it was amazing to hear about all the stars’ achievements. It was a privilege to give the family swim awards to the Jones family who are all involved in swimming. Not only did we meet the young stars but as also met other athletes such as Josef Craig (Paralympic gold medallist) and Hannah Starling (Olympic diver).
It was sad to see the evening end but I think it’s safe to say we made the most of the last hour on the dance floor!


We’ve recently got back from the National Age Groups in Gloucester – our first competition as a new team! It was a great opportunity for everyone to see our new GB squad in action. They were the first to see the ‘magic’ free routine since we learnt it in September. The response from the crowd was thrilling – last year at nationals we were all swimming for our clubs so I hope for many young swimmers it provides inspiration.
The exhibition routine was scored for training purposes and we were extremely pleased with the result – which was in fact not too far off our result from the World Championships earlier this year which is a brilliant starting point for the team. We now have feedback from the judges to work with and time to make changes and improve highlights before our next competition in March.
Our figures were also a great result. Personally I was very pleased as I finished 11 places higher than last year. The team all did really well and we now have a good focus for next year and a big thanks goes to the coaches Biz, Lolli and Laura for all the effort they’ve put in this year.

This is us just after our team swim!!
We finish training for 2013 on the 22nd and have two weeks to spend at home. Merry Christmas everyone and see you in 2014 :) x

Choreography Camp in Italy

Not long ago we arrived back from a training camp in Ostia, Italy. The aim of the camp was to choreograph two new routines, and they are both really exciting and suit the team really well, which means that they’re really enjoyable to swim!
We began the training camp in the outdoor pool, although by the end we’d moved indoors! The weather started off really well but unfortunately it started to get a bit windy and cold which is why we moved indoors – one afternoon it actually started raining whilst we were in the outdoor pool! Even though it made it cold it was a pretty cool experience being in the pool whilst it was raining, although it did make it hard to hear the coaches sometimes! Here’s Amy and I after speed swimming on one of the sunny days :)

We did a lot of speed swimming for the first and last few days of the camp which was weird in a fifty metre pool. It was actually really good swimming in the outdoor pool because even though it was a bit colder I think we actually swam faster! The choreographer was only with us for 10 days in which time we had to create two new routines so we were expecting it to be quite intense. The training was hard and some sessions were quite long however it was really fun coming up with ideas and trying out new lifts and highlights. Now we’ve got the base of the routines it’s going to be about perfecting them and making sure the choreography is right to get the best scores possible at the competitions!
Here’s a photo of the team with the choreographer Stephan (excuse the dodgy tan lines!)

Whilst we were out there it was also one of the team member’s birthdays. Imogen turned 15 and we all dressed up a bit to go to the restaurant for dinner that evening. The staff there were really kind and made her a cake which was really tasty! It was a lovely evening and we all hope Imogen had a really good day :) This picture is of me, Imogen and Lucy after the dinner!

And we couldn’t leave Italy without making sure they would remember us! We all ended up running through the airport and almost missing our flight, with a few funny looks from other people at the airport, but we ended up there in time!
The camp was a really good experience, and unlike anything myself, and I expect most of the team have ever done before, and I think we will all look forward to next time we go on a choreography camp and in the meantime want to make the teams we have really good!

Training starts again!

It’s only just time to start training again and we’re heading to Italy on Sunday!! Trials finished last week but the results haven’t been announced until now so I couldn’t post any earlier.
The 7 girls in the team earlier this year that went to the Olympics have retired from the sport, and so their spots needed to be filled as five of us stayed in the team, although we had to retrial as well. I think we all miss the other girls that have left, but wish them the best of luck in what they want to do now and hope to be as inspiring as they were.
As I mentioned the five of us that went to the World Championships in July re trialled this summer along with all the new girls, and were fortunately all reselected! There are four new members in the team now and have been training about a week. I think that they are all excited to be in the team and at the moment are sorting out everything to do with accommodation and schooling before starting full time with the squad! I’m really looking forward to training with a new and different team :)
We’re flying to Italy on Sunday for a choreography camp for three weeks which sounds like a great experience as I have never been on a choreography camp before! Although it doesn’t feel like I’ve been back for very long and am already going again!
At the moment our usual training pool, the High Performance Centre, is closed for refurbishment so we have been training at Surrey Sports Park in Guildford and when we get back from Italy we will be training in another different pool. We have also started training with a new coach for our land warm up, Hannah, who has been doing lots of core and back work with us (which leaves us feeling extremely achy the next day!) and also doing some dance turns for balance and stability, which has been really fun.
I will update again after or perhaps in Italy to tell you about the choreography camp – I’m sure it will be a very interesting post!

World Championships

So we have finished our first ever World Championships!! The whole team is extremely pleased as we made it to finals in our first Worlds and also improved our score from prelims :)

The whole experience was amazing and even though it was a long time to be away it was definitely worth all the hard work and training. Here’s a cool underwater picture of us training in Malta!


There were four different pools for us to train in, in Barcelona. There was an outdoor pool which was really high up and had an amazing view of the city. The divers also trained and competed at this pool. Here’s the team after a training session with the amazing view in the background!


Another cool thing about the outdoor pool was that there were a couple of birds on poolside. I’m not actually sure what they were but here’s me and Amy with them :)


The other three pools were all inside. One was the training pool, one the warm up pool and then the competition pool. We did most of our training in the warm up pool and the competition pool.


As you can see there are a lot of seats which made me very nervous as I’d never competed in front of that many people before! But on the actual day of the competition I was too focused to even notice the crowd until after the swim and then I heard the cheers!!!

The competition was really exciting and now we’ve got three weeks to recover. I still have some training to do during summer to keep up fitness such as speed swimming and S&C but do will do those on my own at the local leisure centre.

I think this is probably the first post where there has been more pictures than actual text!! I took a lot of photos so I could create more memories. Anyway here’s one more!!


Malta Training Camp

Hi everyone :)

Tonight is our last night in Malta before we fly to Barcelona tomorrow for the World Championships!

The training over the past couple of weeks has been very intense and tiring. We have been doing all different types of training to prepare us for worlds. One of the hardest sections was physical training where we had to repeat a section out of the routine multiple times with only a small rest in between each part. I think that this training helped a lot to enable us to make the whole runthroughs more intense.

Everything in Malta is really nice! The pool we train in is quite big and warm although it does have a slightly strange taste! The hotel we have been staying in is also very nice and the staff are very kind and supportive of the team.The view is also amazing :)The photo doesn’t look as good as it actually is!!image

Last night we performed in a show at the pool we have been training at. It was very exciting to find out that 1,400 people had bought tickets to watch it! It was a really cool experience as it was quite dark when we swam as it was about 10:30pm and I had also never performed in front of that many people before!


I am really looking forward to flying to Barcelona even though I am also really nervous! I just need to finish packing after our last training session tomorrow morning :)

Hopefully I will update again at some point in Barcelona!

Spanish Open

Hi everyone :) It’s been a while since I’ve posted so this will probably be quite a long one!

First of all I am pleased to say that all my exams are finished. Woohoo! I sat them at the Connaught School in Aldershot rather than my actual school, but all the staff were really kind and helpful, so I wasn’t too stressed about sitting my exams somewhere new. I am glad my exams are over but now I have to wait until the middle of August until I find out how I did! My last exam was on Friday 14th which left me only a few days to pack for my first competition with the GB team!

I was very nervous for the competition – I think I probably packed and repacked three times! The more experienced members of the team were very helpful in preparing for the competition and answered a lot of questions about what to take with us. We flew to the Spanish open last Wednesday (19th) in the morning, and then had about an hour to settle into the hotel. The hotel was really nice and the rooms were very spacious. They all had a balcony which had a wonderful view of the sea!Image

After having a very quick look at the hotel we got on the bus to the pool for a training session. The pool was quite shallow but we had prepared for that by practicing in the shallow end in the Garrison and not setting too deep for lifts. It was also quite blurry underwater but I think we managed well. Over the few days leading up to the competition we were allowed some music time. This was quite a short and precise time slot so the training was quite intense. Here’s a picture of us going in to the pool:


On the first day of the competition (Friday) we trained in the outdoor pool. It was absolutely freezing! We had to make sure we had a lot of suncream on because the water reflected the sun and our goggles are also mirrored so we had to be careful not to burn our faces. I think all of us got at least a bit of a tan!

Then on Saturday it was time for us to compete :) I was extremely nervous but again the older girls were really supportive and helped me to feel a little bit more relaxed. We had the prelims and the finals in the same day so it was quite fast paced! We started the day by gelling our hair. It was a bit better than the simulations but I think some of us still need a bit more practice – maybe quite a lot! As soon as we got to the pool we dived in and made the most of our time for the warm up. This was the same kind of plan for the finals in the afternoon.


After the prelims we were very pleased to say that we had officially competed for the GB synchro team! Then we were pleased again after the finals swim because it was better than the one in the morning. We got some good feedback from the judges about our swims and also some things for us to work on and improve!


I think we were all very tired after both the performances, especially the second one, but we all managed to stand up on the platform afterwards to hear our scores!

Then it was quite a rush to get ready for the medal ceremonies. All of us, especially the new ones, were extremely excited about getting a bronze medal, and it was our first competition! I think we were all very proud to stand on the podium and receive our medals.Image

On our last day in Spain we had a training session to start correcting some things we had learned from the competition. The Great Britain duet had a brilliant competition as well gaining a silver medal in the tech duet and a silver medal in the free duet so a huge well done to them too!

Now I had better get back to packing for Malta, our pre-worlds training camp, because we are going on Wednesday. I’ll keep you updated on how we do in the World Championships in July!



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