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Choreography Camp in Italy

Not long ago we arrived back from a training camp in Ostia, Italy. The aim of the camp was to choreograph two new routines, and they are both really exciting and suit the team really well, which means that they’re really enjoyable to swim!
We began the training camp in the outdoor pool, although by the end we’d moved indoors! The weather started off really well but unfortunately it started to get a bit windy and cold which is why we moved indoors – one afternoon it actually started raining whilst we were in the outdoor pool! Even though it made it cold it was a pretty cool experience being in the pool whilst it was raining, although it did make it hard to hear the coaches sometimes! Here’s Amy and I after speed swimming on one of the sunny days πŸ™‚

We did a lot of speed swimming for the first and last few days of the camp which was weird in a fifty metre pool. It was actually really good swimming in the outdoor pool because even though it was a bit colder I think we actually swam faster! The choreographer was only with us for 10 days in which time we had to create two new routines so we were expecting it to be quite intense. The training was hard and some sessions were quite long however it was really fun coming up with ideas and trying out new lifts and highlights. Now we’ve got the base of the routines it’s going to be about perfecting them and making sure the choreography is right to get the best scores possible at the competitions!
Here’s a photo of the team with the choreographer Stephan (excuse the dodgy tan lines!)

Whilst we were out there it was also one of the team member’s birthdays. Imogen turned 15 and we all dressed up a bit to go to the restaurant for dinner that evening. The staff there were really kind and made her a cake which was really tasty! It was a lovely evening and we all hope Imogen had a really good day πŸ™‚ This picture is of me, Imogen and Lucy after the dinner!

And we couldn’t leave Italy without making sure they would remember us! We all ended up running through the airport and almost missing our flight, with a few funny looks from other people at the airport, but we ended up there in time!
The camp was a really good experience, and unlike anything myself, and I expect most of the team have ever done before, and I think we will all look forward to next time we go on a choreography camp and in the meantime want to make the teams we have really good!


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