Jodie Cowie

My GB synchro journey!

Nationals and Swimtastic Awards!

On November 16th we travelled up to Birmingham for the Swimtastic awards – an evening to celebrate young people and families involved in aquatics. The day began with an autograph signing session where we got to meet all of the young stars. It was incredible finding out some of the things that they had accomplished at such a young age.

Then in the afternoon there was a ‘swim with the stars’ session in the pool. We were put in groups and took part in a lot if activities – there were raft races, water polo matches and synchro routines. I have to admit that the orange team (our team!!) did do very well!

After that we went back to hotel to get ready for the evening awards. It was lovely to get dressed up as I’m so used to seeing everyone in a swimming costume and swim camp! When we arrived the venue looked wonderful and the evening meal was brilliant 🙂

My favourite part of the day was the awards because it was amazing to hear about all the stars’ achievements. It was a privilege to give the family swim awards to the Jones family who are all involved in swimming. Not only did we meet the young stars but as also met other athletes such as Josef Craig (Paralympic gold medallist) and Hannah Starling (Olympic diver).
It was sad to see the evening end but I think it’s safe to say we made the most of the last hour on the dance floor!


We’ve recently got back from the National Age Groups in Gloucester – our first competition as a new team! It was a great opportunity for everyone to see our new GB squad in action. They were the first to see the ‘magic’ free routine since we learnt it in September. The response from the crowd was thrilling – last year at nationals we were all swimming for our clubs so I hope for many young swimmers it provides inspiration.
The exhibition routine was scored for training purposes and we were extremely pleased with the result – which was in fact not too far off our result from the World Championships earlier this year which is a brilliant starting point for the team. We now have feedback from the judges to work with and time to make changes and improve highlights before our next competition in March.
Our figures were also a great result. Personally I was very pleased as I finished 11 places higher than last year. The team all did really well and we now have a good focus for next year and a big thanks goes to the coaches Biz, Lolli and Laura for all the effort they’ve put in this year.

This is us just after our team swim!!
We finish training for 2013 on the 22nd and have two weeks to spend at home. Merry Christmas everyone and see you in 2014 🙂 x


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  1. What a great opportunity. Fantastic to hear about the journey’s of someone right in the daily grind. Good luck this upcoming season.

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