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My GB synchro journey!

Team GB kitting out day!

Yesterday the GB synchro team went up to the NEC in Birmingham to be kitted out by Adidas as part of Team GB for the 1st European Games in Baku – which is only 11 days away! It was so exciting to be part of something so huge and it was incredible to know I was one of the 163 GB athletes selected to be a part of the experience.

It was amazing walking into the kitting out building – outside there was a big sign saying welcome Team GB and through the doors was an archway with the Team GB logo on it. The team at the venue were so welcoming, helpful and supportive and it was the start to a fantastic day!



Whilst we were waiting to be briefed we had to opportunity to use the twitter mirror – we got pretty creative!

After being briefed about the day we met our personal shoppers – mine was Laura! She helped me pick out the right sizes in all the different bits of kit and helped me make sure they all fitted well. There was so much to try on! It was so exciting to keep finding different items to try. There were trainers, t-shirts, shorts, trousers and jackets – pretty much everything you could think of!


After trying on all of the village, training and ceremony wear we went through to the Adidas competition section where we received our swimming costumes. In this section there was also a huge Baku board where all of the athletes signed their name – it looked really cool!


That was the last section for trying to kit on, from there we went on to get our official Team GB headshots taken! I felt really proud in this part especially, because it really felt like I was a part of Team GB!


The last part of the day was the media area. Here I had an interview about the upcoming games and we also played a game of pictionary, having to draw things all to do with Team GB! It was very fun although I have to say my drawing skills weren’t too great – I think I’ll stick to synchro!



The last thing for us to do was get all of our kit! It was so cool watching them pack it all into our suitcases and getting them given to us – I couldn’t believe it was all for us!


The whole day was incredible and I am so excited to be able to wear the kit and proudly represent GB soon at the Baku 2015 Games!



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